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Find us at 140 E Main Avenue in Gastonia, NC. No appointment necessary for affordable service work on nearly any make or model. Simply bring you bike to us and we'll take it from there. 

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ride-A-Bike Bicycle Shop now Open in Gastonia, NC!

140 E Main Avenue
Gastonia, NC 28052

We are excited to announce that Ride-a-Bike Gastonia is officially open! The new shop has 4,500 sq ft of showroom and service area to better serve our customers. We have more inventory of what you, the customer, want. This means more components, accessories and apparel along with a great diversity and selection of bikes. More selection and prompt service to install components and accessories while you wait are just a couple ways we will better serve our existing customers and new Gastonia/Charlotte customers alike. 

The building we chose to develop is part of Gastonia's historic downtown district. This location was originally a Western Auto Supply Company up until several decades ago. Most recently it was an antiques store. We are thrilled to re-purpose this building into your new local bike shop.

We at Ride-a-Bike appreciate your patience during this time and we look forward to serving our customers with even more selection, service and value in the future!
We will be open Tuesday through Friday 10am to 6pm, and Saturdays 10am to 4pm. Closed on Sunday and Monday.
Stop by the store to see the our current offerings from Raleigh, Santa Cruz, Linus, and Dahon bikes. We also sell kids bikes from Raleigh and Sun. Our professional service department services all makes and models of bicycles. Estimates and safety checks are free. 
If you'd like to see the buildout progress pictures, take a look at this Flickr album. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

2016 Raleigh Bikes At Sea Otter 2015

BRAND NEW 2016 Bikes Released at Sea Otter 2015

Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (4)
Raleigh has a history of introducing new models at Sea Otter and 2015 is no different. Along with a few bikes that are completed and ready for production, Raleigh had two new prototypes on hand that will expand their carbon foot print. Following in the footsteps of the 29″ Skarn full suspension which marked their return to full suspension XC bikes, the next logical progression is to offer it in carbon.

Popping out of the mold just two weeks ago, this current carbon version of the frame manages to drop 300g from just the front triangle. Technically the alloy Skarn already had a carbon seat stay and link, and the Skarn carbon will keep the aluminum chainstay so the weight savings will be limited to the front of the bike. After the first version of the frame didn’t result in the stiffness they were looking for, Raleigh used an interesting rapid layup process that adds layers of carbon directly to the finished frame allowing engineers to tweak the frame characteristics without molding an entirely new frame.
The result is a frame with the same handling, lighter weight, and improved ride characteristics..

Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (6)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (9) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (8)

The frame keeps with the tapered seat tube for a 27.2 seat post which Raleigh’s Mark Landstaat says has a significant effect on vibration deadening for the frame. Built with internal brake routing and internal routing for a dropper post or Di2 (not both), the pilot run of frames for their racers has already passed ISO 4210 testing and production will begin soon. Raleigh is also working on a proprietary flat bar that adds up sweep in addition to back sweep which Mark says their test riders are really liking since it keeps the front end low, but adds additional comfort due to the hand position.

Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (15)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (18) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (19)

On the gravel side, Raleigh is looking at carbon with the new Roker prototype. Built with the same geometry as the Tamland, the Roker will include thru axles, mounts for fenders, 3 bottle cages, and clearance for 40c tires. Expect to see more on this bike this fall.

Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (22) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (21)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (24) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (25)

Pictured wtih 40c tires, there is still a good bit of clearance in the frame. A threaded bottom bracket should make potential customers happy.

Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (27)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (28) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (32)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (29) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (31)

Continuing their involvement with cyclocross, Raleigh was showing off the new RX W Elite. Meant as the lightest possible bike for women’s racing, the RX W uses cantilever brakes and quick release axles on a carbon frame with true women’s geometry. This bike is meant for racing and the price tag of $2750 should keep it attainable for many.

Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (37) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (35)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (33)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (42) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (44)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (40) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (38)

On the men’s side, the RX 2.0 gets a complete makeover with a new aluminum frame that adds thru axles and drops a full pound. Fitted with Rival CX 1, the complete bike will sell for $1800.

Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (46)
Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (48) Raleigh bikes sea otter rx roker skarn carbon (49)

Along the same lines, the new RXS gets the same thru axle upgrades along with improved wheels and tires. Now tubeless ready with wider rims and tubeless tires, the $1500 belt drive single speed is looking like a killer bike for your 1×1 pursuits.

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Stay on the lookout for more 2016 bikes!

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Friday, April 24, 2015

2015 Bible of Bike Tests Ride and Review - Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon S

Santa Cruz 5010 Carbon S - Full Carbon, Rockshox Pike Front Fork, Shimano SLX DriveTrain

The first words out of the mouths of the test riders were:   "[The bike] was poppy and playful and fun and slide-y and grippy - all the right things."

"Before I got on the bike I didn't look at anything. I didn't really pay attention to much this time, I'm just getting on it and going. And I just suddenly started having an incredible time."


The playful part isn't an accident. This bike is the newer, 27.5 version of a bike that was called the Blur Trail. Which is also a descendent of the Blur 4X

Low bottom bracket (13.5"), Reasonably slack head angle at 68°, and shorter chainstays add to the low center of gravity and increase your confidence on the trail.

"It's cool. You can really lean it over and slide through things and it just stands right back up and wants more."

As far as components, the testers were in love. "The package is so outstanding. No matter what you get, you're gonna be stoked with it. You're gonna have it for a long time."

  • Full carbon frame and swingarm
  • 125mm (5") VPP™ suspension
  • 27.5" wheels
  • Forged upper and lower links
  • Double sealed pivots for long bearing life
  • Dual grease ports on lower link for easy maintenance
  • Full carbon dropouts and disk mounts
  • Angular contact bearings maximize stiffness
  • Collet axle pivots lock in place without pinch bolts
  • Bottle cage mount within front triangle fits piggyback shocks
  • Molded rubber swingarm and downtube protection
  • Stealth and external seatpost cable routing
  • 142mm rear axle spacing
  • Threaded Bottom Bracket
  • ISCG-05 tabs for chainguide compatibility
  • Direct mount rear derailleur option
  • Aluminum frame option
Come to Ride-A-Bike and see all the great bikes we have to offer. We would love to help get you on the bike of your dreams!

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Men's Journal 2015 Best Road Bikes: Raleigh Tamland 2

2015 Raleigh Tamland 2: Amazing Gravel Bike

More people are looking to ride drop-bar bikes off-road, and Raleigh is catering to these gravel-loving cyclists with the Tamland 2. The Reynolds 631 Chromoly butted steel frame ensures a comfortable ride over less-than-ideal terrain, while Shimano Ultegra provides precise shifting. The Tamland 2 comes with TRP Spyre mechanical disc brakes, and clearance for wide tires. It's plenty capable for tarmac rides, but shines when the pavement ends.

  • Reynolds 631 Chromoly frame with gravel race geometry
  • Powerful TRP Spyre dual actuated mechanical disc brakes
  • Clement X'PLOR MSO 40c tires give maximum cushion and traction in bumpy gravel
  • Shimano Ultegra 11sp drivetrain
  • Weinmann KMAX Double wall rims with Novatec sealed bearing hubs

Ride Feel:

"The ride feel of the Tamland was immediately apparent within the first few miles. The feeling of smoothness was uncanny. I eventually pulled over to check the tire with a squeeze, fully expecting to find that I needed air, and me without a pump! The thing was, the tire was fine. The smooth ride feel continued in the front of the bike as well, showing that it wasn’t just the rear end of the bike, but the entire front end and the fork were working in concert to damp vibrations and mitigate bigger impacts."


"So while the Tamland Two is smoother than most bikes, that doesn’t tell you much about whether or not the geometry is worth it here. In terms of handling on gravel roads, so far I think the Tamland is firing on all cylinders with this lower bottom bracket, slightly slacker head angle, and longer fork offset. Purposely pushing the bike into loose patches of gravel on my recent rides shows me that the stability necessary to keep the wheels underneath you and give the rider confidence that the bike won’t swap ends is there.

The bottom line though is this- The Tamland is the standard by which gravel bike specific design will be judged going forward. It is hands down the best handling bike on gravel I’ve ridden to date."
-Guitar Ted

Come in to Ride A Bike to see the full line of 2015 Raleigh bikes and much much more!

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5 Tips to Help You Bike in Style (As if You Needed The Help)

Melissa of Bike Pretty had Her Article Featured on Raleigh's Blog. Check it out!

Article and Photos from

Whether or not you bike to work, there are a lot of great ways to sneak a little bike time into your routine. Riding a bike doesn’t mean that you’re required to squeeze into a skin tight racing suit or pull on an old pair of athletic shorts, but that’s easy to forget when we think about biking only for exercise rather than as a fun way to get from Point A to Point B.

Personally I love fashion and can spend hours putting together the perfect look. But I still hate having to change clothes throughout the day just because I find myself doing different activities. Ideally, I would wear just one outfit that takes me to the office, client meetings, happy hour, and my commute. While this style of dressing is a little extreme and might not be practical for everyone, this self-imposed constraint has meant that I’ve learned a lot about how to bike in style.

Now that I’ve picked up a few tips, it’s actually pretty easy to pull off. Once you start, you’ll realize how it is simpler to dress for your destination instead of your ride, especially if you are heading out to see friends or meet a special date.

ONE slow your roll

While biking is excellent exercise, it can also be a lazy form of fast walking. A bike has this magical way of shrinking a fifteen minute walk into a five minute ride. That said, if you’re on your way somewhere and don’t want to arrive dripping sweat, remember not to push yourself. Slow down and enjoy the sights and sounds of your neighborhood. You might not make every light, but that’s all right. You’ll reach your destination without overheating and be ready to make a great impression.

TWO stow your layers

This is the best piece of advice I have ever heard regarding temperature regulation on a bike: if you’re warm enough during the first ten minutes of your ride, then you’re overdressed. It’s really true! A spring evening might still be “jacket weather” but don’t bundle up just yet. Bring your outerwear with you, but ride in your shirtsleeves.

After moving your legs for a few moments, you’ll start to feel warmer and you might even work up a little sweat. Going without a jacket gives your body a chance to regulate its temperature and also lets your clothes breathe so that you don’t feel clammy. And if you’ve found that you just couldn’t help yourself from attacking those hills and end up sweating through your shirt, once you arrive, you can still pop on your jacket and your sweat stains are hidden away.

THREE let your bike carry the load

A lightweight road bike that is stripped down to the essentials is great for weekend group rides in the countryside. But if you’re using it to get around town, you’re probably going to want to carry a little bit more than a water bottle and a few sport gels (or in my case chocolate bars).

As much as possible, avoid carrying heavy stuff on your back. Loaded up messenger bags and backpacks trap sweat against your body, wrinkle your clothing, and generally strain your back. A detachable pannier on a rear rack, a frame bag, even a handlebar bag that stows a quart of milk--or a bottle of wine--will go far in helping you ride in comfort. And if you don’t feel good, you won’t look good!

FOUR never without wet wipes

I don’t have a lot of must-haves for bike rides (besides lights, a lock, and the bike itself) but there are so many occasions when a well-placed wet wipe has saved my bacon. If you’re feeling self-conscious, you can wipe your armpits for a quick refresh. Use them to wipe the grease from your hands if your chain pops off. A small pack of 20 or so can be stowed discreetly under your saddle.

HELPFUL HINT: If you get bike grease on your clothes, squirt a little undiluted dishwashing or hand soap onto the fabric. Don’t add water. Instead work the soap into a lather until the stain has almost disappeared. Then rinse and launder as usual.

FIVE you’re never fully dressed without a smile

Whether you’re enjoying a serene rails-to-trails ride or biking home at rush hour, riding is just a lot of fun. Any day with a bike ride is a good day. Remember how much fun you had as a kid biking around the neighborhood? Even though you’re all grown up, it’s still just as much fun. So don’t forget to enjoy it!

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