Thursday, April 17, 2014

Women's Bike Review- The 2014 Raleigh Alysa 3

2014 Raleigh Alysa 3 Offers Better Fit For Women Right Out of the Box

The people at Raleigh know how broad a term "cyclist" really is. Cycling is not "one size fits all," it has no specific age range or demographic. Therefore, they realize that the selection of bicycles available needs to be as varied and diverse as the people riding them. To help further the cause of finding the perfect bike for every rider, Raleigh has introduced the new 2014 Alysa 3. What sets the Alysa 3 apart from previous models is the completely re-done frame, designed specifically with the female body in mind.

The new AL-6061 Hydroformed custom alloy frame and carbon road fork with alloy steerer work on promoting a less aggressive cycling stance, shifting the rider's weight back onto the seat and less on the handlebars, all with the aim of providing a more comfortable riding experience. This also limits stress on the arms and spine, making it a popular choice for male and female bikers alike. The graphics and colors for the Alysa were created by a woman and selected by a female feedback panel. Today, these bikes represent a new level of women's feedback, influence, and enthusiasm for the Raleigh brand.

Although the 2014 Alysa 3 is designed for a gentler ride, there is no compromise in terms of speed, performance, or structural integrity. The frame's light weight means more push with every pedal, and the aluminum allow that it's made of makes it sturdy enough for the toughest of rides. It also boasts internally geared Shimano hubs (HB-RM70 Alloy QR 32-hole for the front, FH-RM70 Alloy QR 32 hole Cassette for the rear) This internal system leads to quicker, cleaner gear shifts. These shifts are aided by the KMC 9spd chain and Shimano Alivio Rapidfire Plus shifter, leaving the rider with no cause to worry about missed shifts or broken chains.

The shifter itself is mounted on ergonomic Raleigh 200 Series FlatTop 600mm handlebars with Raleigh comfort grips, ensuring that once you grab ahold of this bike, you'll never want to let go. And while comfort is nice, one of the most important parts of a bike is what connects it to the ground. Shwalbe Road Cruiser tires with Kevlar guards wrapped around Weinmann DA17 Double Wall rims give a smooth ride and 14g stainless steel spokes make the wheel just as strong as the rest of the bike.

When trying to reach a larger audience, many companies skate by with gimmicks or simply slapping a new sticker on an old model. Not so with the 2014 Raleigh Alysa 3. Raliegh's ground up approach to the frame shows in this impressive road and exercise bike, which is truly, according to, "a fast and efficient street machine" 

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Ride-A-Bike Spring/Summer Ride Schedule

Warm Weather Returns! 


  • Shorts & T-shirt ride is every Monday night and leaves from the shop's front sidewalk at 6pm.
  • Route is typically 16 miles at a 13-15mph pace depending on attendance.
  • Intended for advanced beginners and up.
  • Bring your single speed, recumbent, road bike, touring bike, hybrid, folder, etc.
  • Helmets are required and a tail light is recommended.
  • Meet at PeeWee's Mountain Bike Park at 7PM
  • 1 Lap around the park (6.5 miles
  • Pace is casual to sporty depending on the night
  • Helmets required
  • Distance of 20-30 miles
  • Pace - 16-18mph
  • No drop ride - but intended for intermediate and up road cyclist
  • A helmet is required and lights are recommended
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Friday, April 4, 2014

[FULL CARBON] 2014 KHS Flite 750 - Check this out

Low Weight with No Sacrifice in Performance

The 2014 KHS Flite 750 is a Fast, Comfortable Ride — All Day

Where else but KHS will you find a full carbon road bike at such a great price? Equipped with Shimano 105 drivetrain, this road performance model is a joy to ride. It's 11-32 cassette offers lower gears than most bikes in this category, so you can spin up steep hills with less effort.

The Flite series from KHS ranges from the Flite 100 all the way to Flite Team (High Modulus Carbon Fiber). The 2014 Flite 750 is a great middle of the road model for someone getting serious about road bikes.

Come in today to see the latest models from KHS!


Frame: KHS Full Composite Carbon Monocoque w/ Replaceable Derailleur Hanger, PF-BB30, Tapered Headset Style
Fork: KHS Performance Carbon 1.5 Taper Alloy Steerer
Headset: FSA Orbit C40-ACB, N.42/ACB, 1-1/8" - 1.5" Integrated Alloy Cap, 5mm x 2, 10mm x 2
Rims: Light-weight Q2 AR500 Wheelset
Hubs: Q2 Alloy sealed bearing
Tires: Maxxis Detonator 700X25C, 60TPI, folding
Spokes: 14G Black 20 x 24 w/ Alloy Nipples
Derailleur, Front: Shimano 105
Derailleur, Rear:
Shimano 105
Shimano 105
Chain: KMC x10 w/ missing link
Crankset: FSA Gossamer Pro
Cassette: Shimano HG6210 11-32 10 speed
Seatpost: New Q2 Carbon 300mm, 31.6
Saddle: KHS Sport Road
Handlebar: Ritchey Comp Curve Alloy 31.8, butted
Stem: Ritchey 4-Axis 31.8
Handlebar tape/Grips: Cushion Tape
Brake Levers: Shimano 105
Brakes: Promax RC-472, Ball Bearing Design W/ Cartridge Pads 

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Monday, March 31, 2014

Point One Racing Podium Pedal - Now Available at Ride-A-Bike Shop

The Podium Pedal was developed for one reason; to make you faster.

Point One analyzed everything that was on the market and started with a clean slate to completely re-invent the pedal.

The Podium Pedal was designed around three main elements; strength to weight, reliability and ground clearance. The thinness of the pedal lowers your center of gravity for increased stability and better cornering, brings you closer to the axis of rotation for a more efficient pedal stroke and increases your ground clearance so you are less likely to be obstructed by objects on the trail. All the elements necessary to help you get onto the podium.

Bearings: Four Sealed Cartridge Bearings Per Pedal
Axle: Custom Heat Treated 4140 Chromoly Steel
Thinness: 11mm-13mm thin
Platform: 100mm x 100mm
Weight: 359g (Steel Studs) or 339g (Optional Aluminum Studs)
Color: Anodized Black or Raw Aluminum

Specifically Designed Chamfers

Overlooking no detail, the outside profile of the body has been designed to deflect rock impacts and keep you moving in the same direction, at the same speed. The outside edge is chamfered in high probability impact areas to improve deflection and reduce wear.

Precision Cartridge Bearings

Because each pedal houses four sealed precision cartridge bearings, the Podium Pedal is very reliable and not as susceptible to wear. Traditional bushing designs require more maintenance and replacement. Our custom bearing system can withstand much more long-term abuse.

To keep out contaminants, all four bearings are individually sealed and each pedal assembly is held to very close tolerances, leaving very little room for debris to enter. The pedal has two o-ring seals to add extra sealing redundancy as well as give the perfect amount of spin friction, which keeps the pedal where you want when your foot is removed.

Extensive CNC Machining

Made from high strength, US produced, 6061 billet aluminum, the pedal body has gone through extensive CNC machining to eliminate any excess weight. Because of the unique design, the body remains stiff and extremely strong. Thick black anodize helps the body resist impact flaws where other coatings fall short, keeping your pedal looking new, longer.

Traction Studs

The Podium Pedal employs specific size traction studs that are between the two standard pedal stud sizes. This allows the studs to be small enough for traction, but strong enough not to shear. They are also installed from the backside of the pedal to insure that the stud cannot be pulled out on impacts. The traction studs are made of high strength grade steel and are stronger than traditional set screws. They also come zinc plated for corrosion resistance.

Wide Body Design

The Podium Pedal's body has been designed to have a very large surface area. This allows the rider to have a more stable stance on the bike while widening the traction stud pattern to prevent any slipping. By doing this, we do not have to use excessively long studs which help keep the overall pedal profile low and away from impacts. The body also utilizes a concave design that tapers from 11mm to 13mm thin, which helps keep your foot centered on the pedal.

Visible Axle Design

The Podium Pedal has a finite element analysis optimized axle for the greatest strength to weight ratio. It is CNC machined from 4140 Chromoly steel, then heat-treated to Point One Racing's custom specifications.

The axles are hollowed and use an oversized flange at the base of the threads to help distribute stress onto the crank arms, allowing the axle to be lightweight and also stronger than traditional axles. By utilizing a visible axle design, the pedal body thickness can be decreased to create the thinnest can be decreased to create the thinnest possible body without your foot or objects underneath damaging the axle. Our axle has a military-grade zinc plating process that keeps the axle from corroding, even if the surface is scratched. 

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Friday, March 28, 2014

2014 KHS 4 Season 1000 Fat Bike Review — Full Spec List

The best priced fat bike on the market today. Alloy frame and alloy parts with disc brakes make this one hard to beat.



The 2014 KHS 4 Season 1000 Fat Bike mountain bikes are designed around a 4″ width tire that runs at ridiculously low pressure, helping you float over snow, ice, sand, and loose terrain. These bikes aren’t just for winter; many people use them for all sorts of offroad riding year round.

Both models (1000 and 3000) are based on a 6061 aluminum frame, chromoly fork, and 26 x 4.0″ tires.  The Four Season 1000 is a 2×9 speed drivetrain with SRAM X5 and X7 components, and Tektro disc brakes.

Full Spec List

Frame: Alloy 6061 w/custom formed TT, w/replaceable derailleur hanger
Fork: CrMo Straight blade
Headset: VP-A42E Zero Stack
Rims: Weinmann HL80, Double wall, No holes, 26x32H
Hubs (F/R): Alloy Disc, QR, RR: Cassette
Tires: Innova Spider, 26x4.0
Spokes: 14G stainless, 32x32
Derailleur Front: Sram X7
Derailleur Rear: Sram X5
Shifters: Sram X5 Trigger
Chain KMC X9 W/missing link
Crankset: Samox, 36x22
BB: Samox
Cassette: Sram PG950 11/24 9-speed
Pedals: VP 530 Platform with alloy body
Seatpost: Promax Alloy with micro-adjust 31.6x350mm
Saddle: Velo
Handlebar: Kalloy Alloy 31.8x700mm 9 degree
Stem: Alloy Ahead 31.8 O/S
Handlebar Tape/Grip: Q2 Lock on
Brake Levers: Tektro Novela
Brakes: Tektro Novela Mechanical Disc (F) 180mm ® 160mm rotors
Color: Red, Green
Frame Size: 15, 17, 19, 21

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Monday, March 24, 2014

How To Keep Your Cycling Shoes In Good Shape

Want Your Cycling Shoes To Last 5 Years Or More?

Follow these 4 easy tips

For example, you must replace running shoes every six months (or sooner) because the materials inside the soles lose their ability to provide cushioning. Also, regular sneakers are in constant contact with the ground and the soles and uppers wear rapidly. 

Contrarily, if cared for, a quality pair of pedal pushers could last five or even ten years! 

These easy tips will help you get the most from your shoes:

  • Maintaining the fit: We recommend wearing only cycling socks with your riding shoes because these thin socks won't stretch the shoes, which can ruin the snug fit so important for efficient pedaling.
  • Walking: Shoes made for off-road use or touring sport lugged soles and recessed cleats that are made for easy walking. Road-specific shoes, however, are designed for optimum power transfer when pedaling. While these shoes may include heel and toe tabs for walking, it's best to walk as infrequently as possible. Walking flexes the soles and stretches the shoes. Over time, this changes the fit and the stiffness of the shoes, which decreases efficiency and comfort.
  • Moisture: Water won't hurt cycling shoes as long as you dry them properly. To do this, as soon as you get home, extract any removable liners and stuff the shoes with newspaper, which will absorb the moisture and dry the shoes. Do not place the shoes by a heat source Check those cleat bolts so they won't loosen and ruin your ride!because this can damage them. If the shoes are really wet, replace the newspaper after a few hours (the first batch is probably saturated).
  • Maintenance: While not much can go wrong with cycling shoes, we recommend checking the bolts that attach the cleats to the soles about monthly. If these loosen, the cleats can change position, which may cause knee pain. If you have a pair of shoes with buckles that ratchet, they may be attached with hardware. It's a good idea to regularly check that this hardware is tight, too.

Stay tuned to our blog for more maintenance tips, bike and bike part reviews, industry news and more!

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