Monday, April 8, 2013

$50-$100 in Raleigh Rebates + Extra Discount: April 1st through May 31st 2013

Low Prices + 7-10% OFF from Ride-A-Bike + $50-$100 Rebate From Raleigh = HUGE SAVINGS

Scroll Down To See How To Claim Your Card!

Get a $100 Rebate on Carbon Models:

Revenio/Capri Carbon Series
(Revenio 4.0 pictured)

Militis Series
(3.0 Pictured)

RXC Series
(RXC pictured)

Talus 29er Carbon Series 
(Talus Carbon Pro)

$50 Rebate on Performance Alloy Models:

Revenio/Capri Series

Cadent/Alysa Series
(Cadent FTO pictured)

RX Series
(RX 1.0 Pictured)

Talus 29/ Eva 29 Series
(Eva Sport) pictured

Misceo/Miseka Series
(Misceo 3.0 Pictured)

Go to and fill out the online form to receive your card. If for some reason you can't get online, pleas print, fill out and mail in the rebate form below with a copy of your receipt.

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