Thursday, August 1, 2013

[PHOTOS] 2014 Raleigh Revenio Disc 3.0 and More Endurance Road Frames from Raleigh



We've already seen a little bit of what Raleigh has in store for 2014 with their race-oriented Militis, and today we're going to take a look at the 2014 Revenio: Raleigh's Men's Endurance Road Frame (Capri for women)

For 2014, the Revenio has been redesigned with a new "Raleigh Sizing System" which is intended to improve the range of riders that will fit properly. Here's how it works: Raleigh has taken large, separate databases of riders and uses the desired stem length for a particular size to work backwards to determine top tube length and overall stack/reach geometry.

The result: a new sizing decal system on the bikes that will fit for most people within a height range. The stickers also show how effective top tube length for those who know a little more about their bikes.

The Revenio Disc 3.0 and 2.0 get road disc specific carbon forks with 50mm offset. The geometry
remains the same, but the specs have changed a bit for 2014. The Disc 3.0 is Shimano 105 with FSA Gossamer cranks, and the 2.0 comes with Sora and FSA Vero cranks.

All Revenio and Capri models get lighter for 2014, and they also get cable ports that will work with mechanical or electronic on the same frame. To improve complaince, the frames get updated tube shaping for both carbon and alloy bikes. The top tube gets a smaller, ovalized profile at the seat tube junction. Same with the seat stays, and they've reduced flex and seat post diameter to fit a 27.2 post. The combination allows for a bit of vertical frame flex and seat post flex that provides 50% more compliance than 2013 models.

Raleigh has also put wider rims and tires on the entire range, which opens up the tire to put more rubber on the road for better traction and more air volume for a cushier ride. Most get a 23mm wide rim, and the Revenio Disc ups it to 24mm.

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