Friday, September 20, 2013

Fall & Winter Are Approaching. Now What?

Why Ride Cyclocross?

With the Triathlon and Road Racing season coming to an end, many of us default to the cozy indoors in wake of the colder weather.  A little bit of a celebration after the last race of the year and getting a little nostalgic about breaking the PR at your target race this past July.  But now what?  It’s September, time to take a break for the body and mind to recoup but for how long?  Waiting until the weather is warm once again is far too late to begin training.

But why train in the cold?  What too many triathletes and roadies run into late in the season is a lack of motivation.  It is easier to stay inside, not train, and overeat in light of the holiday season.  The bottom line is training requires a purpose.  Your purpose to keep training through this winter can be cyclocross. 

First, don’t fear the mud.  Yes, cyclocross can get muddy…..OK... very muddy but that is not to fear.  Falling in the mud is no big deal and the most you will suffer from a crash is a mild mannered heckle from spectators.  This sport will challenge your bicycle handling skills in a new way and make you an all around better bicycle handler.

Secondly, the cost of the equipment is nothing to keep you from getting started.  For many casual cross racers, the entry-level cyclocross bike they buy seconds as a wet weather base mile bike and then also as a commuter.  Rest assured this bike will get its fair bit of use and will save that fancy road or tri bike from the salty wet muck of early spring roads.

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By staying active, challenging your body in a new way, and keeping the motivation high through the winter, your spring form will thank you.  Take on this new sport and just have fun with it.   

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