Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bigger is better with the 2014 Santa Cruz Tallboy

2014 Santa Cruz Tallboy is the biggest thing on two 29” wheels.

Sometimes big things come in small packages. But sometimes you need a little more to really get the performance you crave, especially out of a mountain bike. The 2014 Santa Cruz Tallboy is proof that a little extra goes a long way, especially in terms of tire size. Although Santa Cruz was far from the first bicycle producer to utilize 29 inch wheels, once they did it was clear who would become leader of the pack. 

The original Tallboy set the gold standard for what these 29ers should be, and the newest model promises to carry on that legacy of quality and performance. The biggest leap forward this year is the fact that now riders can get their hands on an all-aluminum Tallboy frame. While this frame can run a little bit heavier than its carbon brother, it is designed with the same specifications and will end up costing you a little less, making it easier to get your hands on a Tallboy and start tearing up whatever trails suit your fancy. A variety of sizes means that no matter who you are, if the mountain trails are calling your name, there is a Tallboy to help you answer.

With 29” wheels compatible with tires up to 2.35”, this bike is proof that size does matter. But these wheels won’t ever slow you down, and it loses none of the steering and handling capabilities of a much smaller bike, meaning that once you ride a 2014 Tallboy, you’ll never find yourself wishing for less. Also standard on both carbon and aluminum models is the 100mm VPP suspension, ensuring that when you jump, every landing is a smooth landing, and that the bumpiest of roads will be handled no problem. With all these new features added to an already impressive bicycle, it’s no wonder predicts, “if it doesn’t stay a bestseller, we’ll be surprised”. 

From the manufacturer
"When Tallboy first launched, it wiped the floor with everything in its category. Most 29ers of the time had the geometry and suspension performance of an economy airline seat, and the industry knew it.
Tallboy was awarded “Bike of the Year” time after time, changing the perception of what a 29″ wheel mountain bike was capable of. What we initially thought would be a niche marathon bike turned out to be a killer all-around trail bike.
The balanced geometry and proprietary carbon lay-up created a solid package that didn’t need meddling with for over four years.

And still doesn’t. Kind of.
The geometry of Tallboy 2 remains true to the original. However, we’ve fine-tuned the shock rate, improved pedaling efficiency, increased stiffness and reduced weight to make this Don of 29 the kind of sequel Francis Ford Coppola would approve of."

Frame: Aluminum

Suspension System: VPP

Front Derailleur: Direct to Frame

Headset Diameter: mixed taper 1.5" lower, 1'1/8" upper

Seat Post: 30.9

Compatible Fork Sizes: 100-120

BB Shell: Standard

Max Tire size: 2.35"

Brake Types: Disc, 185mm rear rotor max

Water Bottle Mounts: 2x bottle cage mounts 

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