Monday, June 16, 2014

[Updated - More Pics!] Completely Redesigned 2015 Santa Cruz Nomad is Ready to Hit the Ground. Hard.

Santa Cruz takes a stab at mid- size 27.5” wheels with the new 2015 Nomad


Sometimes to really achieve next level results, you have to start from the ground up and totally change the way you look at something.

That’s the method that bicycle manufacturer Santa Cruz took with their new 2014 Nomad, and the benefits of taking this approach are obvious the minute you look at one of these high quality bikes. As with any bike, the re-designing process starts with the frame, and the all carbon Nomad frame is a testament to Santa Cruz’s dedication to their bikes and their riders.

Available in SM-XL, these frames let any mountain bike enthusiast take on the toughest of pro-level courses with ease, and give Santa Cruz another opportunity to make this bike more consumer-friendly, because completely encased in this state of the art frame is the Nomad’s internal cable routing, “so trick it’s a shame it never sees the light of day”. Everything important takes place inside, and the sturdy frame provides the perfect protection for all the bike’s slightly more delicate systems. The new Nomad even ditches the front derailleur, making for a sleek machine tough enough to overcome any obstacle, be it an exotic mountain ridge or that dirt hill in your buddy’s back yard.

Another innovative aspect of the 2014 Santa Cruz Nomad is the tire sizing. The 27.5” wheels give a nice balance between 26” and 29”, meaning that you still get all the agility and handling of a smaller wheel while sacrificing none of the balance and stability of a larger one.  Compatible with tires up to 2.5”, the 2014 Nomad keeps you connected to the trail below you in the most efficient way possible. And when the road gets a little bumpy, as it inevitably will, 165mm VPP suspension is there to cushion your ride, allowing you to power over any uneven surface that stands in your way. raves that the new 2014 Nomad “has been completely redesigned to stay ahead of enduro racing’s ever more DH-trajectory”. “ simply says “It’s hard not to drool”. But why take their word for it. Get on a new 2014 Santa Cruz Nomad today and test out the future of mountain biking. Feel the difference in the 27.5” wheels. Experience the added comfort of a full extra inch of reach. And test the limits of the agile yet durable all-carbon frame, dropouts, and disc mounts. You won’t regret it.

Frame Material: Carbon

Suspension System: VPP

Headset Diameter: mixed taper 1.5" Lower, 1'1/8" upper
Seat Post: 31.6"

Compatible Fork Sizes: 160-180mm

BB Shell: Standard

Max Tire Size: 2.5"

Water Bottle Mounts: Yes
• Internal Routing made from Molded carbon tubes
ensuring precise and hassle free feeding of rear
derailleur and seat post cables

• 31.6: seat tube: accomodates 150mm Reverb
Stealth seat post

• Molded rubber swingarm and downtube protectors

• Forged aluminum upper and lower link

• Full carbon dropouts and disk mounts

• 142mm rear axle spacing

• Threaded BB: creak free riding and easy installation

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