Thursday, June 26, 2014

Awesome LG Mountain Bike Helmets

Incredible Ventilation, Aerodynamics, and Great Style!

 Edge Mountain Bike Helmet

The plastic shell of the Edge helmet is made with U-shaped ribs that are folded six times to reinforce the helmet structure. Massive vents create unprecedented low speed ventilation, moisture evacuation, and cooling required of mountain bike helmets. Internal frame system enables the huge vents to be created without jeopardizing protection.

Carve Mountain Bike Helmet

The Carve helmet is lightweight, highly ventilated, and offers super protection for mountain bikers. The MSB technology (a monocoque structural base at the base of the helmet that reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection) along with a fully bonded back spread the shock of impacts, provide support, and enable the helmet to be lightweight. Highly inspired by the Exo-Nerv technology seen in earlier Louis Garneau helmets, the U-Bar technology is made with U-shaped plastic ribs that are folded 6 times. These ribs act like a complex exoskeleton that reinforces the helmet's structure.

The Patented Spiderlock®« Pro Retention, hailed as one of the best in the cycling industry, allows the user to adjust the helmet
with only one hand to ensure safety while on the

Carve II Mountain Bike Helmet

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