Thursday, October 2, 2014

13 Latest Cycling Tips From Ride-A-Bike Shop

Collection of General Cycling Tips - Add More in the Comments!

Front derailleur won't shift precisely? Make sure it's aligned with the chainring. If it is, your limit screws probably need a quick adjustment.

Remember: Your left pedal is a reverse thread (turn it left to tighten). If you do mistakenly thread a pedal in backwards, the pedal will likely be fine, but the crank will need to be replaced.

A low cadence (less than 60rpm) taxes muscles and joints. Spin above 80rpms to keep your muscles and knees happy.

We recommend replacing your disc brake pads before you can see daylight through them.

Having trouble catching shut-eye? Exercise during the day, not within the four hours before bedtime. Working out triggers a shut-down of melatonin, a sleep hormone. Use your ride to wake up rather than wind down.

For reliable gear changes, try shifting at the dead spot in your pedal stroke (6 & 12 o'clock). The less pressure on the pedals, the better.

Keep your eyes on the road while reaching for a bottle. And don't tilt your head to drink- pour the bottle into your mouth.

Before a long downhill, take a moment to lower your seatpost. You'll have more room to maneuver over tricky stuff.
After removing a disc brake wheel from your bike, be sure not to squeeze your brake. Doing so can cause your brake pads to clamp together tightly-- and moving them is a royal pain.
To become a better road cyclist, ride dirt. The balance and control required to ride skinny tires on gravelly roads will improve your handling skills exponentially.
Check your tube after a puncture to see what happened. If there are two parallel holes (a snakebite), up your tire pressure.
On steep grades, come off the saddle and hold your bike as vertical as possible, with minimal sway. It’s very important to keep your shoulders squared forward, with no side-to-side movement. That snaking motion wastes your energy and your forward progress.
When training intensity is high, you need to stay hydrated to keep up. If there’s not enough water in your bloodstream, your plasma decreases and your blood thickens. Thick blood is no good- your heart has to work harder to pump it. Even just a 2% loss of fluid body weight will slow a rider down by 4%. Sip as you ride to keep thirst at bay. 
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