Sunday, March 8, 2015

Review 2015 Raleigh Venture, Venture 3.0, and Venture 4.0 Urban Comfort Bicycles

Urban Comfort Bikes from Raleigh offer 27.5" wheels and so much more

The bike world has a love affair with 27.5" wheels. Starting with mountain and off road bikes, there has been ongoing experimentation with various wheel sizes depending on riding conditions and the size of the rider. Now it seems clear that the best wheel size for comfort on an urban bike is the 27.5". Try it and see how it carefully balances weight, speed, and stability, and comfort.

Venture//The next generation of comfort bikes is here. Raleigh’s introduction of the True Comfort platform redefines a category and sets new standards for comfort, stability and control. 

Forget what you know about bikes, Raleigh True Comfort offers a completely new riding experience.
The Venture line of bikes are designed with ease of use and comfort in mind. The Venture is always ready, whether your headed out together for a ride after dinner, or your packing it onto the camper to head down the coast. Raleigh True Comfort geometry combined with ergonomic bars and grips, a Raleigh Comfort Plus saddle, and 27.5" wheels provide a ride that is smooth and always responsive. Available in both a men's and women's specific frame design.

The entry level Venture is easy to ride and maintain. The steel frame is super durable. The 7 speed shifting system only requires changing one set of gears. 

 The Venture 3.0 is a 21 speed bike that adds a suspension fork and seatpost. These three features add to the comfort of the ride and the ease of attacking hills. Available in both a men's and women's specific frame design. The 3.0 upgrades the Venture from steel to an alloy frame.

The Venture 4.0 is a 24 speed product and offers an adjustable stem to make the Venture 4.0's fit radically customizable.

All Venture Bikes have the following
  • New laid-back upright geometry for maximum comfort
  • 27.5" wheels for an easier rolling, more stable ride
  • Raleigh comfort saddle, grips, and pedals
  • Riser bars and stem for an upright ride

 Compare Specs on three Venture models

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