Monday, June 6, 2016

Schwinn Suburban Restomod Project

We recently had the pleasure of working on a unique restomod bicycle project. The customer did a lot of work on this bike and then brought it to us for some finishing touches and functionality upgrades. His goal for this project was to create a very functional urban commuter, cruiser, and bar bike with a classic look and modern functionality. 

Local wheel builder and shop affiliate Calvin Stiles of NoGas Wheels built a new wheelset to meet the specifications of the customer.

The rear wheel features a Sturmey-Archer 8 speed internal hub, Wheelsmith DB 14 black spokes, and Sapim Polyax 14mm brass nipples laced to a Sun CR18 27x1 1/4 rim. 

The front wheel is not something we see or build very often! The requested hub is a Schmidt-Son 28 generator hub, Wheelsmith DB 14 black spokes, and Sapim Polyax 14mm brass nipples also laced to a Sun CR18 27x1 1/4 rim. 

Lighting was covered by Busch & Muller. Front light was a Luxos U and the rear fender-mounted light was the Secula. I spent a fair amount of time working to make clean runs on the wiring. I left a loop of extra wire that could be shortened and cleaned up once the customer finalized his handle bar position, etc. 

We also performed a few other upgrades while the bike was in the shop. Most notable was converting the bottom bracket to a sealed cartridge square taper assembly and a new, lighter crank. 

- Before Pictures -

- After Pictures -


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